John Ballantyne

Who is John Ballantyne

Serving a toolmaking apprenticeship with the James N. Kirby group John progressed through Engineering Management positions and held executive roles in three major Australian Manufacturing companies.

On behalf of the Kirby group John specialised in ERP (then known as "MRP II") from 1982 onwards. Since that time John has maintained dual careers in Supply Chain Planning and Industrial Engineering, believeing them to be perfectly complimentary disciplines for business development.

John has served on the committee of Apics for 22 years, serving two terms as president of the NSW Chapter and numerous terms as education director of that organisation. He is a lecturer in all Apics subjects and has developed a range of training programs in his own right.

JBMS was first registered as a company in 1992. John has operated as a 'freelancer' for most years since then but due to a growing customer base as well as close associations with numerous people with exceptional expertise in these fields, the company has expanded its resources to offer a wide range of services.

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