Did you know

Did you Know?

Did you know that:
  • 45% of warehouse labour hours are spent getting information and seaching for product?
  • 15% of labour hours are spent moving product from 'A' to 'B'?
  • 20% of labour hours are spent walking or riding around your warehouse?
  • 90% of the time between retrieval and despatch your customer orders sit un-attended on your warehouse floor?
  • Powered conveyors are 400% more energy-efficient than forklifts? 'and you dont need drivers!'
  • Your pick list document design determines labour efficiency?
  • A pallet of product can be measured, weighed, wrapped and labelled in 25 seconds?
  • Only 13% of the cubic space in your warehouse is occupied by product?
  • 30% of your warehouse capacity is occupied by product that hasnt moved for more than 6 months?

Our files also reveal some exploded myths:
  1. We need a larger warehouse (You probably dont)
  2. Sales & Operations Planning doesnt apply to us (It does)
  3. We dont forecast (yes you do)

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