Who is John Ballantyne

Serving a toolmaking apprenticeship with the James N. Kirby group John progressed through Engineering Management positions and held executive roles in three major Australian Manufacturing companies.

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First registered in 1992 JBMS has provided consultancy and training services to an impressive list of companies that includes.
Tyco Electronics, Arthur Yates & Co., MM Kembla, Mitel Telecom UK, B&D Doors, James N. Kirby Engineering, Dynalite, State Rail, Maintrain & Cochlear
…and in association with other consultancies
Gordon & Gotch, National Archives Canberra, Fuji Xerox, Pirelli & Nulon

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Training in Supply Chain Management, ERP and Warehouse Management
Industrial Engineering including Work Study and standard cost setting, factory layout, process and machine tool design
Warehousing & Logistics including operations cost analysis, distribution modeling, & warehouse design

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JBMS associates are a collective of highly skilled professionals with nothing less than 25 years practical experience in industry.

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No Bloody Algorithm

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A Chicken & Egg Issue
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Factory in a bottle

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